Monday, November 29, 2010


We have moved! I know, I know, I lack in information on the blog. Last you heard we were only mildly disinterested in work at Lochmara. Well, here is how it went: Ben and I spent weeks going back and forth debating over whether we could 'stand' it for X amount of time longer, when finally we cracked and determined that both of us wanted to leave. I 100% blame our glorious managers, as in the last week we were there I had the realization that I was actually having a good time... just never at work. Luckily, I had the arts gig  and some time working in reception that kept me going, but Ben only worked in the volatile environment of the kitchen the whole time. In fact, the day we left (two days ago) yet another kitchen employee, Olivia, who just got there a week ago, already decided she could not handle working in there. Ha! I really hope something gets worked out there, because the owners of the lodge are fantastic. 

So, I worked until the last boat two days ago, we picked up our rental car, and drove to Nelson. We stayed the night in Nelson and got some needed supplies, and then headed up to Takaka. We visited this town about a month ago, and probably should have just moved here from the get go! It's an artsy-musicy-hippie town in Golden Bay, and the commercial (if you can call it that) hub before you head off into the oblivion of the northwest coast. Remember those pictures of the beautiful beach? Yeah, now that is only about 1/2 hour away. Ben started work this morning, and I slept in and gathered my bearings before heading out in search of a job... 
I hate looking for jobs. I am not sure I know anyone that does like looking for jobs though, so I just have to suck it up and hope for the best. At least something part time! Otherwise, I'm going to have to buy a sewing machine and hawk my wears about town. 

We finally got a cell phone! The number is 011-64-027-868-2588. We also live in a house for really cheap that is owned by the guy that owns the Cafe Ben works at! However, I do not know the address yet. Ta for now!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


always scaring away baby animals
whariki beach, outside golden bay
caves everywhere!
dancing amongst the rocks
this rock was fantastic, it looks like a superhero

More pictures

crazy caves
whariki beach or something like that

teletubby land

this is the second clearest water in the world
@ the Pupu Springs, clearer than no other besides the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica

i made that
siamese lemon!
red jellyfish outside our house!

Internet for free!

Internet is free at the library! Hallelujah, because it hasn't worked at the Lodge in over a week. Not that I have needed it, because using it would probably result in the desire to leave and go work somewhere else. After a minute breakdown in spirits last week due to the extreme shitiness of our managers (both Ben and my manager suck at managing, and being managers ourselves did not help the situation), we rented a car, drove on the wrong side of the road, and made it to Golden Bay, about 4 hours NW of where we are. We were on the ocean amongst gorgeous surrounds, slept and ate in a hippie town with delicious food, and lifted ourselves to a level that made us content on continuing to work at Lochmara. I did realize that we could easily move to a new place and begin work at the beginning of December, i.e. aforementioned hippie town, but together we decided not to pursue that until a later date. Basically, our managers only have like THREE EMPLOYEES EACH and for some reason they were 1) not able to give us 2 days off in a row, 2) play favorites with guests, 3) have no sense of humor or an ounce of fun in their bodies-- plus the damn chef kept shooting down every idea Ben had. Them being 2 of the 6 employees we work with makes this situation even more annoying. 

Since our excursion, the chef has let Ben do whatever he wants, I haven't been working in the Cafe as much with the annoying manager (more Art stuff, and we have a new employee, who spices up the lot). Golden Bay was absolutely wonderful, and it made us dream about the time when we can save enough money to just go explore NZ and Australia in a few months. For now I will just leave pictures. The first 5 are from a tidepool outside our house, and a Blue Cod that Ben caught and we ate... even though this is illegal in our area. Woops!