Sunday, April 21, 2013

Harka Round #3

Just as kooky and crazy as the last time I was here, those kiddos at the orphan home never cease to amaze me! Though they are bigger (older, not necessarily any taller) and can speak better English than ever before, they are still the same little munchkins that Becca and I met 5 years ago. The baby Tulie is now in class 4, and at 7 years old can carry a complete conversation in English while climbing all over my body and probably doing my hair 12 different ways, while little pudge-face Sima is no longer pudge-faced, but 15 years old, sometimes dresses like a rapper (oversized ball cap and low slung jeans) and listens to Nepali pop music constantly. Ahhh, what is the world coming to? Times change, but not too much.

We arrived almost a week ago, and have spent nearly every minute just hanging with the kids, flying kites in the field, painting with watercolors, and playing Jenga (but the crappy Target version, which, you should note, is worth spending more money on the real version). It was pretty darn hot the first few days that we were here, but yesterday it rained nearly all day, cooling off the skies yesterday and today. Hopefully the temperature lasts through tomorrow, as that is the big NEPALI WEDDING day.

Yep, Laxmi has taken me to the market three times already to go 'shopping', which I am all for, albeit the scooter ride itself. We've picked up our outfits, decorations, and some food already, and are headed back today for more.Riding a scooter in Nepal is nothing short of a horrifying experience every time, unless of course, you are blind. With functioning vision, however, you will see that truck honking and rapidly approaching from the rear as you head into an already overcrowded alley way, and thus also see your impending death by smooshing. Despite the sometimes anxiety-ridden ride,  I do enjoy my chats with Laxmi at the stores while we wait, the 25 minutes it takes to haggle with every single shop owner for a reasonable price (just think of what it would be like to haggle with the Gap cashier, the Safeway cashier, and the waiter at Chili's...yep, nothing would ever get done), and the fact that sometimes Laxmi leaves me sitting on her scooter for 15 minutes, only to come back and give me a chocolate and tell me it will just be a little longer. I think I may actually be one of her American children. This, of course, is all leading to tomorrow...the big day. We have no idea what is going to go on except for "drumming man" "lot of food" "wedding cake" and "beauty parlor girls". Should be a hoot!

I will definitely write more about the kids and what happens tomorrow when we are on our "honeymoon" to Chitwan on Wednesday .... until next time.


marge said...

happy wedding no.2!

Cp said...

Sounds perfect. Glad Ben is better.! Lots of love to both of you. Mom P