Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oops! Posted too early. Trek part 3

Trek day 4: Tadapani to Sinua

Today was a long day, but it felt great. We were the first to our destination- Sinua- further proving that we keep a pretty decent pace. We bid adieu to Guru, our hilarious porters, and the Russians this morning from the Grand View Guest House, which indeed had a grand view of Annapurna South as we left. We then headed down to our first bridge of the day (down about 2,400 ft, on a staircase), then up to Chommrong (up about 1,500 feet, more stairs), then down again (600ft, stairs) then up again (1,500 ft, mostly stairs). In Chommrong we stopped for lunch at a place recommended for their chocolate cake and "California-style burritos', of which we had neither. We questioned the legitimacy of the restaurant when we walked in and the owner was sleeping on a bench. Sadly, the vivacious wife of the owner did not show up until we'd eaten two plates of fried noodles, and convinced us that the chocolate cake and burrito were worth a stop on our way down from ABC- they were recommended in Lonely Planet and Time Magazine! She also noted that she didn't know what a California-style burrito was, " I've never been to California!" she said, but it was well-liked. I made a promise to stop on our way back, I will not pass up chocolate cake twice!

Besides the ascent/decent being quite hard on the knees, our morning was quite eventful. After crossing our first big suspension bridge of the day we walked right into a 300-odd sheep herd, that continued to ascend the trail with us. I felt like I was in the Red Line/Blue Line Washington tunnel at rush hour, except the business men were horn-toting mountain sheep. Like in the tunnel, don't look anyone in the eye and just keep moving. We then came to the small village of Tilche, where we passed a school and found ourselves on the trail of a 2-year-old with a Smurfs backpack and the biggest plumbers crack I've seen in a while. It was adorable.

 note: sheep 

note: chocolate cake and burrito location

Though the day was quite long (6 hours) it felt good, and my knee stopped it's mysterious popping from yesterday. One thing is for sure though- I have never seen more stairs in my life.

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