Saturday, March 26, 2011


This past week at Harka, my artistic left brain was yearning for some inspiration. In Sydney and Kathmandu, I had found myself wandering around with new eyes, and seemingly endless possibilities for myself and my Nikon (for which I bought 20 rolls of professional film for the journey). At Harka, however, while I went digital-photo crazy with the kids, I found it nearly impossible to photograph them candidly. No matter what I did, how I tried to sneak around, they immediately knew I had my camera and wanted to both a) smile obsessively and/or make a ridiculous face and b) immediately get their hands on my camera to view the picture. The result, over the past three years, of many international volunteers I presume. This is definitely a good thing, as it has made the children more comfortable with 'tourists' and brought money to the orphan home, but not good for my creativity! Just a touch of selfishness there, my apologies. However, when I did pull off that candid shot, it was almost like a little present. One of those shots, of Soniya studying hard in the tree in the front yard, I have to wait for until I get my film developed. But the following photo is another, and not only captures a rare moment during my entire 2 1/2 weeks at Harka, but has made me think seriously about illustrating a children's book somehow involving the children I have met throughout the world. The random shape of each little body sprawled in slumber both cracks me up and humbles me.  

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