Wednesday, March 2, 2011


And so it is. In just twenty minutes I will be off to complete my profession as "Ice Cream Girl" (as referenced by many Takaka-ians, including randoms I've run into at the supermarket), a profession I enjoyed 'heaps' (Kiwi for 'a lot') more than my prior profession in Takaka of working the deep fryer at a fish n' chips shop for a horrid ghast of a woman who should never in her life be a manager of people. Though long, that sentence seems to sum up my working experience in Takaka thoroughly. As for my living experience... I think we can settle on 'quaint'. The town over the hill lies a world away from more urban New Zealand (urban being definitely intended with an ounce of ridiculousness), and my experience being probably somewhat typical for someone who grew up in a small town. Having grown up in the antithesis of a small town, I found myself marveling at the ways of the rural folk. Dairy farms, rampant teenagers with nothing to do, families with more children than they can afford (most of whom were rampant teenagers not too long ago), and the smell of cow patties wafting into the bedroom at night all complemented this experience thoroughly. 

However, Takaka is not just a rural haven near the beach. No. It is a haven of hippies, who, attracted by some supernatural force (crystals? blue holes? trance music?) seem to come over the hill in droves; a little bit spacey, raggy baggy clothing-clad, donning a horrendous display of dreadlocks (or occasionally, a new fad- ONE horrendous dreadlock popping out of the top of his/her head), but always, always loving and super nice. They usually show their wares in the village green, ranging from hemp necklaces to said crystals. Sometimes I get to chat with them when they come in for ice cream , usually about the yoga retreat center they just visited, or how they got sucked into a 3 day party at ____ . 

Thus, the Takaka experience has come and almost gone- which is a touch sad I think, because I just got used to it. I feel like I was actually starting to live in the town itself, knowing people around the streets and in the grocery store. However, boredom set in a while ago- and there is only so many movies you can watch, and only so much beach action you can have. So tomorrow I am off to part 2 (or part 87923874) of this adventure, ultimately to Nepal, but first two days in Sydney, a day sleeping in the Bangkok airport, and then two days in Kathmandu before heading to the orphanage.  I'm so excited! Ben has about 4 weeks left in Takaka, working up some more money before he heads to Australia. Then he's going to make his way to Western Australia, meeting me in Perth after my 6 weeks in Nepal. Then... who knows? 

But OF COURSE, I will be writing in this blog while on this journey, as I will have no one to speak to in English! Thank you so so much to everyone who donated to the scooter for Laxmi, we raised about $2000- which is enough to purchase a NEW, awesome scooter that will last a long time! No more donations are needed at this time- but I hope to be posting pictures as soon as Laxmi and I go out shopping for her new ride! 

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Lilbee68 said...

I can't wait to see the photos of your next trip to Nepal! Plus I'll bet the children will have really grown in the last three years!