Sunday, March 20, 2011

What?? Photos??

Tulie on Holi (day 1)

Soniya studying in the grass

Sima doin' up Jamuna's hair (like a boy)

Shishir (formerly Secil... we didn't know) and a dragonfly

Bisal with his paper airplane

Surely, I must be out of my mind. I just checked into my hotel in Sauraha, and they have wireless! Oh how the world is changing quickly... even the Bharatpur internet place now has a generator, so they do not have to deal with the government power cuts. But this, with a room that is $5 a night? Some places charge $5 a night FOR wireless! Either way, this means you all get to see photos, because I was snazzy enough to bring along all of my equipment, should this moment arise. This is just a sampling, but more are in a Picasa album at this link:


Backra said...

OHMYGOODNESS...I have been studying for days on end, and this was the best thing I could have ever asked for!

Your photos are awesome and the kids look hilarious and adorable per usual. Wireless in Sauraha? Holy moly...and I'm framing the Shishir dragonfly photo.

Oh, and how much do you love that shower at Harka?

britta linnea said...

Shower = amazingness. I feel like it is hotter here than the last time we were here... were we trekking already at this point? Either way, I'm sure I smell a hell of a lot better now!